Dear Students,

Below you can find examples of general petition and petition of objection (for the exams).

After filling in your petitions, you must send it to the following e-mail address.
***Please send your health reports by filling in the petition below by defining your demand (portfolio, exam, attendance) clearly.

SS-LAW-EFT-TH unit students – [email protected]

MED-ENA-APT-EDU unit students- [email protected]

If your account is frozen and you cannot access the half-term proficiency application form, please fill out the petition below and send it to [email protected]

Please note that this form is only for students who have frozen their registration. If your registration is active, your application with this form will not be accepted. Applications are accepted between 16.01.2023-20.01.2023, and applications sent after 20.01.2023 will not be accepted.

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