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What is Erasmus+?

  • Erasmus+ is the European Union programme for education, training, youth and sport. It is open to education,training,youth and sport organisations across all sectors of lifelong learning,including school education. Erasmus + Program targets the mobility of university students. This program created and run by the European Union aims to unite all European universities under the European Union. Youth Exchange Projects offer an opportunity to meet young people from different countries. Furthermore, students can practice English.
  • We have two kinds of projects in Prep School; They can go abroad and they can join the domestic projects in Turkey.

The opportunity to go abroad:

  • 70% of the travel expenses are paid by the EU.
  • %100 of Accommodation,food and visa expenses are paid by the EU
  • All of the projects are in English

For Domestic projects :

  • %100 of the food and accommodation expenses are paid by the EU.
  • Travel expenses are not covered in the domestic projects.
  • All of the projects are in English

How can our students go abroad by Erasmus+ Exchange projects? 

  • Their exams , TA’s and their speaking levels are important . They need to have 80 from their TA’s and Track averages.
  • Our students can stay in the projects about  7-9 days.
  • Before they apply ,they need to have a passaport.
  • There is no problem with Abseenteeism.They won’t be written down absent.
  • At the end of the projects, they will have the chance to get a YOUTHPASS CERTIFICATE which is supported by the EU.

Study Abroad Unit Supervisor

English Lang. Instructor


The Photos Related to Erasmus 2018-2019 Canada

Prep School Study Abroad Unit-Erasmus+ Youth Exchange Projects Conference

English Lang. Instructor Zuhal AYDIN carried out Prep School Study Abroad Unit,Erasmus+ Youth Exchange Projects Conference .She mentioned the terms and conditions of Erasmus+ Youth Exchange Projects to get the students to  find out how they can go abroad and how to apply for the projects.The students from last year joined the conference and they gave information about their Erasmus+ experiences .







Project Place: England / London
Project Topic: Culture and Food
Project Dates: 24-01 February 2018


Project Place: Germany / Berlin
Project Topic: Youth in Flames
Project Dates: 11-19 Sept.2017


Project Place: Hungary / Levelek
Project Topic: Stop Hate!
Dates: 05-12 May 2018


Project Place: Italy/Antilia
Project Topic: Technology
Project Dates: 28-05 May 2017


Project Place: Latvia/Edole
Project Topic: Learning everywhere
Project Dates: 10-18 September 2017


Project Place: Poland/ Krzyzowa
Project Topic: European Union
Project Dates: 12-19 February 2017


Project Place: Romania/Targoviste
Project Topic: Immigration and Refugees
Project Dates: 2-8 April 2017


Project Place: Slovakia/Pienniny
Project Topic: Land Consolidation
Project Dates: 23-31 March 2017


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