Track 3 Start

As stated in the previous announcement, Track 3 will be conducted fully online in accordance with the Senate decision dated February 17 2023. Track 3 lessons will start on Tuesday February 21st.

Students will be added to relevant teams of their Track 3 classes formed in accordance with their Track 2 averages on Microsoft Teams on Monday February 20th by the end of the day. New classes for the students will not be announced separately.

There will be six lessons on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday, and four lessons on Wednesday.

Lesson hours for all units will be as follows:

1-2: 09.00-10.20

3-4: 10.30-11.50

5-6: 12.10-13.30

For the evening class, there will be four lessons on Monday, and six lessons on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. The lesson hours for the evening class will be as follows:

1-2: 17.30-18.50

3-4: 19.05-20.25

5-6: 20.40-22.00

Attendance requirement continues as before. All assessment items within the track such as exams, project and portfolio will be online as long as education continues 100% online.

In case students have not been added to the Teams of their classes when the lessons start on Tuesday, they can contact the English Preparatory Programme Secretariat to be added.

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