Condolences to our nation

We wish God’s mercy on those who lost their lives in the 7.7-magnitude earthquake that occurred in Kahramanmaraş and also seen in the surrounding provinces, and we wish a quick recovery to the injured.

On this occasion, as Istanbul Medipol University, we have started an aid campaign for our students and the people of the region who need help. Within the scope of the campaign, we aim to reach our students and identify their needs and convey them to the earthquake victims (via the Turkish University Sports Federation).

First of all, we kindly ask our students and staff who want to support urgent and portable needs such as blankets, outerwear, hygiene kits, diapers, mats, cans, tents, to the Medipol University North Campus A Block AG07 classroom no later than Thursday, February 9, 13.00. we do.

All collected materials will be recorded and feedback will be given about the process.


  • Funds are not collected. Those who want to provide financial support can use the relevant accounts of AFAD and/or other public institutions.
  • Material selection should be made by taking into account the winter conditions for aids.
  • If the clothes are second hand (used), they must be in wearable condition. Please do not bring clothes that need alterations.
  • Blanket, duvet cover and winter tent,
  • Feminine and baby hygiene products, baby food, toys
  • Dry and canned food
  • If possible, electronic materials such as heating devices, power bank, charging cable can also be given.
  • Aid materials coming from outside the institution will be received, but it is not a public campaign. Beykoz District Governor’s Office collects unused aid materials at Atatürk Secondary School Sports Hall. (Çubuklu Vatan Cad. No:2 Beykoz)


Kavacık North Campus:  Kavacık North Campus A Block AG07
Öğr. Gör. Elif Yurtoğlu Pek. Sosyal Bilimler MYO. [email protected] A Blok Zemin Kat 7 Numaralı Derslik (AG07)

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