Track 4 Classroom Lists is given in the link below:

1st SHIFT SS, EFT, EDU & TH Units (08:00-10:50)

EFT (Business Management, Economy and Finance, International Trade and Finance, International Logistics, Management and Information Systems) , SS (Psychology, Political Sciences and International Relations, Public Relations and Advertising), EDU (LAnguage and Speech Therapy, Psychological Counselling and Guidance, English Language Teaching) and TH (Applied English and Translation, Health Management) unit students will have hybrid classes between 08:00-10:50

2nd SHIFT MED & APT Units (11:00-13:50)

MED (Medicine, Dentistry, Pharmacy, Physical theraphy and Rehabilitation-degree) and APT (Nursing, Anesthesia, Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation , First Aid) units will have hybrid classes between 11:00-13:50

3rd SHIFT ENA & LAW units (14:00-16:50)

ENA (Engineering and Architecture) and LAW (Law and Public Administration) unit students will have hybrid classes between  14:00-16:50 .

4th SHIFT: Applied English and Translation EVENING group will have face to face classes between 18:00-21:00.

ONLINE CLASSES on FRIDAY & SATURDAY will be held between 09:00-14:00 on Micrososft Teams for all groups.

ESP lessons will be async and online. ESP lesson Teams links and instructions will be announced on 25th April Monday on language school website.

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