Friday & Saturday Online Lessons- Microsoft Teams instrcutions

As shown in weekly schedules, English Preparatory Program lessons are held online on Microsoft Teams Platform between 08:00-13:00.

Please check the link below for the Microsoft Teams instructions:

If you have not entered on Mebis or student Microsoft accounts before or cannot login via your password: in order to log into your Microsoft accounts, MEBIS passwords must not include personal information (Name-Surname, TR Identity Number, Date of Birth, etc.) and must not be simple combinations containing sequential numbers. After logging into the MEBIS system, you can log in to your Outlook, Microsoft and Teams account with “” e-mail addresses and MEBIS passwords 30 minutes after you update your passwords in accordance with this information in the “şifre işlemleri/password operations” section.

If you cannot change your password from “şifre işlemleri/password opertaions” after you log into MEBIS, please try changing your password before loging in from the “pasword operations” MEBIS entrance screen .

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