October 9th Proficiency Exam for the Late Registered Students and Additional Placement Students

2021-22 Academic Year Proficiency Exam for late registered students and additional placement students will be held on the 9th October 2021 at 10:00 on Kavacık North Campus BLOCK C.

October 9th Proficiency for Late Registers and Additional Placement Students List is below:


There will be NO make-up exam. 

*No parents or accompanying person/s will be admitted to the buildings. However, the parent of those with special needs will be admitted to the building.  

* Students will be allowed to the building at 08:30. Students are supposed to be on campus one hour prior to the exam.

* Students are required to be in their classes by 09:30. 

* Students are required to know their student numbers and their medipol student e-mail addresses.

* Exam starts at 10:00 and finishes at 13:20. Due to the Covid-19 precautions, at the end of the exam, students may be asked to leave the building at different times. Students are required to pay attention to the instructions given by the proctors and security personnel. 

* No students will be allowed to the exam building by 10:50. 

* Students are not allowed to leave the classes in the first 50 minutes of the exam. 

*  Students are required to bring a valid ID, driving license or passport with them. (Any other document is not accepted.), a pencil with a soft tip and eraser.  

* International students are required to bring their passports with them. 

* Students who have finished the exam must leave the building immediately. 

* Students are required to follow the Covid-19 measures, wear a mask at all times anywhere in the campus and obey the social distance rules especially in corridors and WCs. 

* Proficiency Exam content and number of questions have been updated due to COVID-19 Precautions. The changes are; 
Listening: 10 questions Note-Taking, 10 questions While-Listening (20 points) 
Reading: 3 texts, 24 questions (24 points) 
Use of English: 20 questions (20 points) 
Vocabulary: 16 questions (16 points) 
Writing: 1 essay (20 points). 

* In the exam the score of 75 and over is exempted from the Preparatory Program. Those getting between 60 and 74 will take the Online Speaking Exam on October 11th, 2021. The Online Speaking Exam will be graded over 100 and students who get 75 and over are exempted from the Preparatory Program. Online Speaking exam list and exam details will be announced on our website on 9th October evening. 

ONLINE PROFICIENCY EXAM FOR the late registered international students who cannot enter Turkey due to Covid 19 precautions will be held on Oct. 9th AT 10:00 ON MICROSOFT TEAMS. Students will be added “2021-2022 Oct.9th Proficiency Exam” Teams channel by the end of Oct. 8th. Students are required to enter Teams and Microsoft Forms via their medipol student e-mail addresses.

*Students are required to turn on their cameras and show a valid ID in the online exam sessions.

For the online exam that will take place because of Covid-19; each student who gets 60 and over HAS TO TAKE ONLINE SPEAKING EXAM. Those who get 75 and over from the speaking part are exempted.  

For Exam lists, only Student ID numbers are provided. Students are required to learn their Student ID Numbers. Student ID numbers are provided on MEBIS. For the online sessions students are required to use their medipol student e-mail addresses.


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