October 8th Placement Test

A second online placement exam will be held on October 8th for those who did not enter the first one. The exam is only for the students who COULD NOT TAKE the previous exam.. The students who successfully completed the previous exams will NOT be evaluated.

PLACEMENT TEST LINK: (WILL BE ACTIVATED on Oct. 8th, at 10:00): https://forms.office.com/r/rrCQZSBMXD

The Placement Test is an exam held to place students in classes suitable for their level in the 2021-2022 academic year. The fact that students answer the exam questions randomly and/or get help will affect the level determination negatively. Students may have difficulty studying the preparatory program if their levels are not determined correctly. For this reason, it is of great importance to answer only the questions that are sure to be answered. The Placement test does not change pass/fail status of the students . Level changes will not be made during the year.

The Placement Test is held on Microsoft Forms. Students are required to use their Medipol student e-mail addresses and passwords to access the test via the link below.

If you have not entered on Mebis or student Microsoft accounts before or cannot login via your password: in order to log into your Microsoft accounts, MEBIS passwords must not include personal information (Name-Surname, TR Identity Number, Date of Birth, etc.) and must not be simple combinations containing sequential numbers. After logging into the MEBIS system, you can log in to your Outlook, Microsoft and Teams account with “@std.medipol.edu.tr” e-mail addresses and MEBIS passwords 30 minutes after you update your passwords in accordance with this information in the “şifre işlemleri/password operations” section.

If you cannot change your password from “şifre işlemleri/password opertaions” after you log into MEBIS, please try changing your password before loging in from the “pasword operations” MEBIS entrance screen .

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