Track 3 Midtrack exam will be held on the 19th March, Friday.

Track 3 Midtrack Exam consists of two sessions.

MEAE group exam time: 1st session 10:00-11:30 / 2nd session 12:00-12:35
(MEAE High Group – 10:00-12:00 / 12:30-13:05)

SLET group exam time: 1st session 14:00-15:30 / 2nd session 16:00-16:35
(SLET Evening Group: 18:00-19:30 / 20:00-20:35)

The first session includes Reading and Writing parts. This session will be held on MEBIS with the same procedure as the previous exams. Please check the rules and important points announced for the previous MEBIS online exams. ( )

The second session is the Listening part. Please read the following important points regarding the listening exam procedure:

1. Listening part will be done on Teams via Forms (just like the mock exam). Students are required to make sure that their medipol student e-mail accounts are active and they know their mail addresses and passwords.

2. You should be present on Teams at least 5 minutes earlier than it starts.

3. It will last 35 minutes in total.

4. It is crucial that you stay muted during the listening exam.

5. There will be 2 (two) audios and 12 (twelve) questions in total. You will hear each audio twice.

6. When the exam time comes, you will have one minute to open the link and write your personal information (name, surname, student number, class).

7. The instructor will start the audio.

8. First you will have one minute to check the questions for the first audio. Then it will start playing. When it finishes, you will have one minute to check your notes. Then you will listen to the same audio for the second time.

9. When the second take of the first audio is over, you will have 5 (five) minutes to complete your answers.

10. The second audio will start. The same flow for the first audio will be repeated for the second audio as well.

11. After listening test is over, you need to submit your answers. If you do not submit your answers within 3 minutes, you will get 0 (zero) for the listening part.

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