TRACK 3 Programs and Lists

TRACK 3 starts on the 22nd February 2021, Monday. Track 3 lessons will be held online on Microsoft Teams.

SLET group lessons start in the afternoon at 13:30 and finish at 18:40

MEAE group lessons start ar 08:00 and finish at 13:10.

You can find Track 3 classroom lists and lesson programs from the links below:


For ESP lessons, students have been placed in different classes regarding their departments. Some units have remained the same.

In SLET group, SS,

In MEAE group, MED, ENA and APT Unit students have been placed in different Teams classes for EPS lessons.

The other unit students (EDU,EFT,LAW and TH)  will take ESP lessons on their regular track 3 classes on Teams.

Below is the ESP class lists for SS, MED, ENA and APT Unit students:

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