Half Term Proficiency Results & Feb 12th Speaking Exam Announcement

The results of the Half Term Proficiency Exam (9th Feb) are available on MEBIS.

An Online Speaking exam will be held for the students with scores between 60-74 on the 12th February at 10:00 a.m. Please see the list below for the Online Speaking Exam time schedule:

The students who will take the exam are required to log in to Microsoft Teams using their Medipol e-mails as usernames and MEBIS passwords. Speaking Exam Groups will be created before the exam day. Students will be able to see their exam “Teams” before the exam.

The students who will take the Speaking Exam need to install Microsoft Teams on a computer, tablet or mobile phone (with a working camera and microphone). Students are required to show a valid ID in the exam.

The students who do not have their Medipol Email addresses can contact [email protected] to obtain theirs.

The students are advised to have with them blank paper and pencil during the exam.

To find information regarding the use of the Teams platform please see the documents and links below:

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