Half Terms English Online Proficiency Exam


2020-21 Half Term English Online Proficiency Exam will be held on 9th Februrary 2021, 10:00 a.m.-12:30 p.m. on Mebis.

Below you can find the exam list:

In the exam the score of 75 and over is exempted from the Preparatory Program. Those getting between 60 and 74 will take the Online Speaking Exam on Feb 12th .The Online Speaking Exam will be graded over 100 and 75 and over is exempted from the Preparatory Program. Online Speaking exam list and exam details will be announced on our website on Feb 10-11th.

Students are required to download the exam document from Mebis Half Term Proficiency Exam and after answering, upload the Document back on Mebis.

Students who are to take the exam must fill in the “half term proficiency application form” available on this announcement below and on dilokulu website “Petition” page and send the form to [email protected] mail adress until Feb 2nd 2021.

There will not be a make-up exam fort he proficiency exam .

Students who are exempted cannot enter English Preparatory Program classes in the second term. They are required to contact their faculties in order to get information about their classes in related departments.

Students who have frozen their accounts cannot take the exam.

Important Points about the Half Term Proficiency Exam are below:

1. Exam questions will be uploaded on MEBIS as a Word document including the questions of all levels. Exam document can be downloaded by clicking the green arrow sign on the left side of the exam on mebis.

2. Exam documents must be uploaded on MEBIS in Microsoft WORD format. Exams that are uploaded on TEAMS or other platforms will not be evaluated.

3.  Exam document must be in Microsoft Word format. Students at Istanbul Medipol University have access to Microsoft Office 365 with their student e-mail addresses and Mebis passwords. It is the responsibility of the students to install and setup Microsoft Word and provide the necessary tools and devices to take the online exams as well as online lessons.

4. Exam WORD document must be renamed with students’ “NAME_SURNAME” and then  uploaded on MEBIS. Exam word document must include student’s name, surname and student ID number.

5. Blank exam documents or documents which cannot be opened will not be evaluated. It is the responsibility of students to check their documents after uploading.

6. Exam start and finish times are in the Local Timezone of Turkey. It is the responsibility of the students to take the exam on time.

7. Plagiarized exam documents will not be evaluated. The documents will be uploaded and checked on Turnitin program and Gooogle Search as well.

8. The speaking exam will be conducted on Microsoft Teams. It is mandatory to open a camera in the speaking part of the exam. Students who take the exam must keep their cameras open until the end of the exam and show a valid ID (with their photo on it) before starting the exam.

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