Track 3 and Track 4 Announcement

Dear Istanbul Medipol University Language School students,

There have been some changes in the assessment and evaluation criteria of track 3 and 4 due to the online education started as a result of Covid-19 Pandemic.

Track 3 assessment and evaluation is as follows: Mid-Track Exam 50%, Project 40% and TA 10%.

Track 4 assessment and evaluation is as follows: Project 60%, Portfolio 40%. The details of the Track 4 project and portfolio will be announced on our website in the beginning of track 4.

There will be no attendance record during online education. Students who miss the live lessons can watch the video recordings of the lesson later on Teams classes.

In case of an end of the break and moving back to regular in-class education, students may be asked to take an end of year exam on campus.

Track 4 live lessons start on 13.04.2020 Monday. There has been no change in the classroom lists for track 4. However, there will be some changes in weekly schedules. An announcement on the details of track 4 programs, lessons and Teams classes will be posted on our website next week.

Students who do not have Internet connection and cannot follow the online lessons have the right to freeze their education. (This is not done at the English Preparatory Program, Please call your department secretaries.)

We kindly request our students to conform to the precautions stated by the authorities taking care of themselves and their families, and follow the online lessons.

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