Online Education

Dear İstanbul Medipol University Language School Students,

The information regarding the online education platform we are going to use during the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic is as follows:

Students are supposed to enter Microsoft Teams with the help of the instructions given on İstanbul Medipol University Web page:

After activating Microsoft Teams Accounts, students can join classes with the team codes provided below in the lesson schedule charts. They can watch the video recordings of the lessons given in the charts by entering the team codes in “join a team” section of Microsoft Teams.

During the dates given in the charts below, online lessons will not be live. Students can watch the recordings of the lessons which will be uploaded until the due time given in the programs. The links for the lesson videos can be found in the first page (general). The links will also be shared under “class materials” in the “links” document right after the videos are shared in the team.

Students who have problems related to username/password can contact [email protected] . (IT support)

MEAE and SLET shifts have the same program for online education.

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