Important Announcement-Distance education support

Important Announcement-Distance education support

Dear preparatory program students,


Based on the current statement made by the Presidency of YÖK, Istanbul Medipol University has planned its distance education support for preparatory English program courses as of March 23, 2020, and will start as soon as the YÖK approval is received.

Our lessons will start on March 23, and in case of changes that can be made until the end of the lesson until the end of March 22, final lesson hours and weekly lesson schedules will be announced on the Language School Website.

The program will cover all three levels (LOW, MEDIUM, HIGH) planned for the 3rd Track.

The lessons will be held over the “Microsoft teams” infrastructure and will be stored in the MEBİS environment as much as possible, and our students will have access through MEBİS if they miss online courses.

Navigation / technical information will also be provided on our website for our students to access the “Microsoft teams” platform.


– presentations will be video-recorded and other documents will be delivered as soft copies.



-Tasks will be evaluated until the end of 5th week.

TAT exam:

-will be held on the planned date.

TA gradings:

-will be evaluated as Online homework.

With our health wishes

Istanbul Medipol University Language School Management.

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