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Medipol Language School  |  The Continuing Professional Development Unit is responsible for supporting our lecturers with various CPD activities & projects in order to keep up with the latest developments in English Language Teaching. Our main goal is to improve student success through the Professional and Personal Development of our lecturers.


(1) Teacher Trainer Development Projects

– to support supervisors and instructors to be acknowledged internationally as teacher trainers through globally recognized certificates & diplomas.
– to keep our staff up to date with the latest trends in teacher training.
– to enhance our teacher trainer effectiveness to more professionally guide, improve, and assess instructors.

* the London Project (10-17 Sept 2016)

Our supervisors attended and successfully completed a teacher trainer programme in London.

Activities carried out:

  • Attendees observed experienced trainers delivering practical, theoretical and formally-assessed training courses.
  • developed awareness of a range of approaches to training.
  • considered issues in evaluating teaching and the effectiveness of training.
  • worked with academic managers from a range of contexts, identifying key issues and good practice in addressing them.
  • worked collaboratively and create sample materials relevant to our own recruitment, observation and feedback procedures.

(2) Conferences & Workshops to attend


– to develop a wider understanding of professional practices in other institutions and countries.
– to participate in professional discussions in the English language medium and share our own professional practices with other institutions.
– to develop awareness of the latest approaches to teaching.
– to learn and create sample teaching materials for our own context.
– to consider issues in evaluating teaching.
– to look at the importance of continuous professional development and how to ensure this takes place and how effective it has been.

CONFERENCE & WORKSHOP DATES are sent to our instructors’ MEDİPOL emails in advance by CPD UNIT.



(3) Conferences and Workshops to be held within our university


– to share our professional practices with our colleagues.
– to develop awareness of the latest approaches to teaching.
– to learn and create sample teaching materials for our own context.
– to consider issues in evaluating teaching.

  • Session 1: “Quizlet”

”Ouizlet provides free study tools for students, teachers, and learners of all ages that can be used in and out of the classroom, on your own or with friends, and on the go with our IOS or ANDROID apps.” At this workshop, our instructors are informed about how to create study sets and Quizlet classrooms, how to use six different study modes and track students’ progress on Quizlet. In addition, Quizlet Live, which is a fun, engaging and interactive game, is introduced as it encourages students to learn and work collaboratively. During the workshop, target vocabulary of the tracks are determined for all skills by our instructors and a brief definition for each word is provided. Then, these are uploaded to the system and made ready for our students to study.

  • Session 2: “Evaluation Criteria for Classroom Observation”

This workshop is designed to determine the evaluation criteria for classroom observation. What makes it remarkable is that all of our  instructors actively participate to come up with the most significant aspects in terms of preparation, the students, classroom management and effective teaching. The valuable ideas of our instructors which are gathered as a result of this workshop will be  taken into consideration during the observation process.


  • Session 3: “Kahoot” & “Quizizz”

This session and similar ones are designed by the CPD Unit with the help of volunteer instructors to learn or brush up on our tech skills. We love sharing useful web tools with regards to integrating technology into our classroom !

In this session, we mainly focus on two applications:

Kahoot! is one of the many game-based platforms and it helps you create learning games, polls and discussions and have fun together with your students while doing so. What’s more, you can identify strengths and weaknesses of your students, and adjust your teaching both for the weak and strong students.”

“Quizizz is a free fun multiplayer classroom review tool, that allows all your students to practice and learn together. The Quizizz editor makes it super-easy to create great quizzes in no time. While your students are having a blast, you are provided with detailed class and student-level data.”

  • Session 4: “Material Design and How to make the most of Microsoft POWERPOINT?”

Key points to consider while designing our materials and putting theory into practice via preparing Ppt presentations are emphasized in this workshop.




  • Session 5: “Drama in the EFL Classroom”

(4) Action Research

(5) Social Responsibility Projects

CPD Unit encourages instructors to initiate social responsibility projects that involve not only our students but also our colleagues and everyone else.

      * Our brilliant students collect books regularly and then donate them to help create or expand libraries in schools that lack sufficient resources.


 * ” Let’s Recycle for preserving the environment for future generation ! ”


(6) Social Activities

Social events are organized by CPD Unit during the year.

We love spending time outside and attending different kinds of social activities together.



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